The Armour Institute

Master’s Degrees

The Armour Institute (Ai) offers a challenging and rewarding immersion in faith traditions, religious studies, and theological subject matter. Coursework and conversation, field education, academic excellence, and Ai’s commitment to providing unparalleled resources allow us to offer a preeminent selection of Master’s Level Graduate Degrees:

Master of Divinity | M.Div. The Master of Divinity Program at The Armour Institute is a dynamic three-year curriculum combining coursework in the study of religion and the arts of religious leadership with significant field work in multiple settings, alongside ongoing participation in a cohort-based learning community that nurture’s students spiritual, professional and personal formation.

Master of Theological Studies | MTS. The Master of Theological Studies Program is a two-year program with eighteen areas of focus that allow for diverse educational interests and vocational goals.The advantage of this program is that the student can design their own area in consultation with their advisor and the curriculum committee chair.

Master of Sacred Theology | MST. The Master of Sacred Theology Program is a
second-level graduate degree for those who want to pursue another year of coursework focusing on a particular academic discipline (“Disciplinary Concentration”, i.e., Sacred Languages). It’s comprised of eight courses, selected by the student, to customize their academic pursuit. This option is an excellent choice for those anticipating Doctoral Studies. Customized practical can be developed with faculty members, with specific concentration on the students future doctoral pursuit.

Master of Philosophy | M.Phil. The Master of Philosophy Program at The Armour Institute is a rigorous and highly selective program that equips you to do philosophy from a Christian worldview. It offers advanced training in humanities with a view to build apologetical skills in critical analysis, argumentation, and written communication. It opens the path to advancement in careers as a professor, in research and others.


© 2024 The Armour Institute.  All Right Reserved.        Pewple.
© 2024 The Armour Institute.  All Right Reserved.        Pewple.