The Armour Institute

Continuing Education

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Our Continuing Education Programs are designed to engage our seasoned expositors of the gospel, members of the Kingdom with tenure in their soteriological pursuit, and academicians with advanced degrees in a semiannually spiritual cycle that “sharpens their sword.”

Our goal of assuring that every member of the clergy who stands behind the holy desk, preaching from the holy document, is second only to the realization that the acquisition of knowledge is a continual process.

Join me, and the faculty of this institution, in the regularity of never ending study, no matter your level of erudition.

“See you in class…”

Michael V. Johnson, Ph.D.
President | The Armour Institute


© 2024 The Armour Institute.  All Right Reserved.        Pewple.
© 2024 The Armour Institute.  All Right Reserved.        Pewple.